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Overhead Garage Doors Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Overhead Garage Doors – Company Overview

A big name in residential and commercial garage doors in the country, Overhead Garage Door Company is known for quality and dependability in the industry.

Based in Texas, this company is well-known in providing Americans with beautiful garage doors that are well-suited for your lifestyle and preferences. 

Owning an Overhead garage door Houston is synonymous to beauty and quality, and it increases the value of your home.  Not only is an Overhead garage door beautiful, it is also durable, convenient and provides added security to your home.

The Overhead Garage Door Company has been serving Americans since the 1920s.   Their legacy lies with being part of a family’s daily life all these years.  Ever since the upward-lifting garage door opener and the electric garage door opener were invented in the 1920s, Overhead garage doors have offered garage door options that are designed for both function and beauty.

Today, Overhead offers garage doors made out of a variety of materials, and they serve both the commercial and residential markets.  They also offer garage door openers and accessories.  Their website also features an architect’s corner.  The company wants a comprehensive service that includes getting the recommendation of renowned architects for your garage door needs.  Their exemplary customer service and support are on hand to assist the homeowner with their garage door concerns.  An investment made with Overhead is well worth it. It currently has hundreds of distributors nationwide.  This industry leader has developed generations of loyal customers who rely on their garage doors to protect and secure their homes.

​​Types of Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead Garage Door Company offers home owners various residential garage door openers in eight major types of materials. 

For a contemporary look, aluminum-made garage doors are available.  Aluminum frames are resistant to corrosion, and the accompanying glass filters light, which creates a soft glow to complement the harsh and sleek look of the aluminum. They offer three glass options:  clear, obscure, and satin. Their aluminum doors are also weather and wind resistant.

Overhead’s Courtyard collection gives a classic, American-style look to contemporary houses. The garage doors are constructed from durable insulated steel that looks like wooden traditional carriage house doors.  They give off the beauty of a wooden design, but they are actually made of steel. There are six window styles to choose from:  Clear Long, Wyndbridge, Stockbridge, Stockton, Stockton Arch, and Somerton.

For homeowners who prefer real wooden garage doors, Overhead offers the Carriage Collection. These are swing-open doors made of painted or stained wood.  Amish craftsmanship made the design of these doors extra special.

For optimal thermal protection especially in places where it gets really cold, Overhead offers the Thermacore insulated steel door.  They are made from steel-polyurethane-steel combined with thermal breaks.  There are five standard designs to choose from.

The Impression Collections is composed of garage doors made of fiberglass, but with the look of natural wood.  The fiberglass surface conceals its steel construction, with choices for window and glass designs.

Overhead also offers doors made out of durable and thick vinyl.  Their Durafirm Collection protects from weather changes and exterior noise.  It is also rust-free.

Overhead Openers and Accessories

Apart from offering beautiful garage doors in various durable materials, trimmings and finishes, Overhead Garage Door Company Houston also has a collection of garage door openers and accessories that perfectly accompanies your beautiful garage door.

The main objective of overhead openers is to create an integrated system of garage door openers and garage doors that are perfect complements of each other.  Overhead features a complete line of openers with different power levels and types.

Their screw-drive opener is made from steel screw that is connected to the motor.  They have two models for this type of garage door opener: the Destiny 1500 Screw and the Odyssey 1200 Screw.  They also offer four models from a belt-drive type and chain-drive type respectively.  All the garage door drive openers come with two accessories:  the 3-button remote control and the wall console. The remote is compatible with the patented CodeDodger technology, which is an encryption system that is engineered to communicate with the garage door opener frequency level. The Wall Console has two big buttons that allows the owner to operate the opening and closing of the garage door, as well as control the lighting. 

Overhead has also come up with additional accessories that provide the homeowner added convenience. They have the Advanced Wall Console, with advanced security and opener performance status.  There’s also the Door Report Remote, which gives a light signal to confirm that you have closed the door of your garage, and Battery Backup for emergency situations.  All these accessories are sold separately.

Overhead Garage Door Repair Services

Being one of the industry leaders, Overhead Garage Door stands for quality and durability.  If you have invested in this wonderful product, it is only appropriate that you get the best services for your garage door needs.

If you reside in the area of Houston Texas, Garage Door Repair Houston is one of the best garage door repair companies.  The best thing about them is that they will respect the beauty of the brand that they are working with and will provide a reliable and efficient repair service that is worthy of the brand.  They do not take the legacy of brands for granted.  In fact, it is best not to entrust your Overhead Garage Door repair to just any company. 

M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX does not only provide excellent repair services for garage doors, but they also do repair and replacement of garage door parts, garage door openers, and garage door accessories.  They also provide maintenance and installation services.  M.G.A. helps their clients with all sorts of garage-door related services such as spring and weather seal replacements, roller replacements, fixing broken cables, and many others. Their technicians are well-trained to work with big brands.  They know how to handle the intricacies and special features of brands such as Overhead. So if you need an Overhead garage door repair, you know who to call.

The company’s core values are integrity, quality, service, technology, value, and leadership.  This is what the technicians and the support staff stands for, and they take their job seriously.  Their service is prompt, courteous, and cost-effective – everything that a home owner needs and deserves.

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