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Garage Door Opener Belt Drive Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener – an Overview

Though not as commonly used as the chain belt garage door opener, a belt drive garage door opener is preferred by many homeowners because of its reliability and relative quietness. It is quieter because rather than use chain links to pull the garage doors up and down, it uses a very sturdy belt made of rubber, hence the name “belt drive.” 

The belt drive opener costs a lot more than the chain belt opener, and that may be the reason why chain belt garage door openers are more popular. Many people still prefer cheaper garage door openers rather than invest in a more durable product. Many garage door opener reviewers, technicians and experts recommend a garage door opener belt drive Houston versus chain belt or even screw belt garage door openers.

One of the main reasons why belt drive openers are much more preferred is because they are quieter and more durable.  The spring assembly component of a belt drive opener is more resilient to abuse. Most belt drive garage door openers have the gears and rubber belts covered with a pliable but durable material.  This makes it harder for grease, oil and dirt to get through.  This makes belt drive garage door openers easier to maintain.  Although it still requires regular maintenance, it does not need too much oil or cleaning solution.

Belt drive openers can be installed by a reputable garage door service company in your area.  In Houston, Texas, Garage Door Repair Houston has earned the reputation of being a reliable and dependable garage door opener installer. 

The Best Belt Drive Garage Opener 

Many online reviewers, technicians and field experts agree on the best features of a belt drive garage opener.

Many reputable brands such as Genie, Craftsman, and Chamberlain have excellent belt drive models.  However, when a group of reviewers compared belt drive garage openers side by side, they all agreed that one brand stands out above the rest.

For most experts, the best belt drive garage door opener is the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive.  The most striking feature of this particular brand and model is its remarkable quietness.  However, it still has a lot of wonderful features.  First off, this model works brilliantly even amidst a power outage because it has a battery backup system.  The backup system will enable the owner to use this belt drive garage door opener 20 times within a 24-hour power outage.

Another cool thing about this particular model is that it has smartphone connectivity, which allows the owner to remotely control the garage door. 

The model has the word ‘whisper’ in its name because you can barely hear it while in operation.  This Chamberlain model deserves being bestowed the honor of best belt drive garage door opener.  Its belt system is made from flexible steel cords, which are both strong and silent.  It runs on ¾ horsepower, and it is compatible with MyQ.  MyQ allows the owners to orchestrate changes in their garage door, including lighting, with the use of their smartphone. In order to give the owner a sense of safety and security, the Chamberlain Whisper Drive has an infrared lighting system, a rolling code system, and motion-sensing console.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Maintenance

A garage door opener belt drive requires periodic maintenance to keep it in tip top shape for a longer period of time.  All belt drive garage door openers, no matter what the brand, require maintenance.  At one time or another, your belt drive garage door opener may even encounter a little snag or two and will need repairs.

Since a belt drive costs more compared to other garage door opener types, it needs to be in the hands of expert technicians so as not to further damage it.  M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX has licensed professionals who have been in the field for ten years.  They can easily work with any type of high-end belt drive garage door opener.

Here are some easy tips on how to do periodic maintenance for your belt drive:

First, owners need to check if the manual release handle is working.  If in case the belt drive garage door opener malfunctions, the manual release handle will be able to open your garage door.  Secondly, all moveable parts of the garage door should be lubricated using spray lithium. For belt drive openers, it only needs a small amount of grease on its gear mechanism and the rail. If you get a professional to do periodic maintenance on your garage door opener, they will make sure that they do not get any lubricant on the belt itself.  If they hear that the belt seem to be emitting some kind of noise, this is an unusual occurrence.  This tells them that it may need to be adjusted or repaired.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Services

If in case your belt drive garage door opener stops working, or the opener does not respond in any way, then it is time to seek help.  Usually, some homeowners consult the manual first and do some troubleshooting on their own.  Manuals are helpful because they usually contain vital information in case such a thing happens. 

If everything else has been done and still your belt drive garage door opener isn’t working, then it is time to call the experts. 

When you place an emergency call to M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX, a friendly customer service support staff will answer your call and help you with your concern.  In an emergency situation, they will dispatch a team member to your home right away.  It does not matter what time of day it is, for emergencies do seem to happen especially during ungodly hours of the night.  M.G.A. is open all the time, which is a great relief and convenience for customers who are in a spot of bother.

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly garage door specialists will be on hand to assist the homeowner with whatever concern they have with their garage door openers.  They do all types of repair and they work will all brands.  Not only do they repair garage door openers that have malfunctioned, they also do other services such as installation and preventive maintenance.  Their complete line of services is listed on their website.  Their reputation precedes them, as many satisfied customers will attest to.  They are known to be one of the best garage door service companies in the area.

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