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Garage Door Opener Direct Drive Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Direct Drive Garage Door Opener – An Overview

A direct drive garage door opener is not as commonly used as the chain-drive or the belt-drive opener, but it provides a great alternative for people looking for a garage door opener with the best quality and reliability.

It is a device which does not rely on either a chain or belt in order to move a garage door.  The garage door opener direct drive Houston has replaced what some people say an unreliable screw-drive mechanism.  The direct drive opener currently has no competition in the United States, as only a few suppliers/manufacturers are marketing this type of garage door opener technology.

Having not competition can be advantageous, but direct drive garage openers actually have great features that are worthy of homeowners’ attention.

This innovative technology is brought to us by German manufacturers.  Unlike belt or chain openers, the direct drive technology utilizes a stationary chain.  This chain is on a sturdy steel rail.  The motor moves along this steel chain.  Since it only has one moving part, garage door opener reviewers are raving because of its extremely quiet operation without the telltale vibration that’s very common in chain-drive openers.  Other benefits are that they are definitely durable and long lasting, since it optimized the power of the motor.  It also minimized wear and tear.

Currently, there is only one manufacturer and supplier of the direct drive garage door opener in the country.  It is DirectDrive/Sommer.  Sommer is a leading European company known in over 90 countries known for its quality products. These suppliers offer equally great products, and homeowners will just have to decide on their personal preferences when choosing which one to purchase.

Technology behind the Garage Door Opener Direct Drive

There are many positive features of direct drive garage door openers Houston.  As we have mentioned earlier, it features an extremely quiet traveling motor that glides along noiselessly on a rail without vibrations.  The strong motor technology has only one moving part, and the motor is located on the door itself.

Consistent with German design and technology, this durable and long-lasting product has been tested 100,000 times.  An independent testing institute from Europe was tapped to do the testing of the product to prevent bias. This means that it could be used that many times without the need for repair or even maintenance.

The garage door opener direct drive is the only opener that has a lifetime warranty on the entire package, not just the chain or the belt.  The manufacturers offer these to customers because they are sure of its quality and reliability. 

When purchased, the package includes standard accessories such as remote control, secure rolling code technology, and interior wall station.  The direct drive garage door opener is also compatible with HomeLink.

Currently, Sommer/Direct Drive offers two models of the direct drive garage door opener. The first model is simply called the Direct Drive Garage Door Opener, and the other model is the Direct Drive Duo Garage Door Opener. Both are mostly the same, the only difference is that the duo has a control housing that can be mounted anywhere with an available power outlet.  The connector wire can easily be installed either at the rear or front of the rail.  This minimizes installation time a great deal.

Customer Feedback

Many customers who have discovered this new alternative to garage door openers are very happy and satisfied with the performance of their direct drive garage door opener.

Aside from the standard package offered for both models, customers can also purchase accessories that would greatly help them operate the direct drive opener and would add to their convenience.  The accessories available are the two-button transmitter, the wireless keypad, the wireless wall button, emergency release lock, 3-button wall station and radio receiving housing.

Unlike the other types of garage door drives and brands, the direct drive garage door opener cannot be connected to the internet.  This is a small feature that most consumers overlook, though.  Their most basic lineup is competitive with the best models of other brands.  Since it operates only on ¾ horsepower, it cannot handle doors heavier than 550 pounds.  These might be considered negative feedback, but most customers brush these off because they are quite happy with the basic product itself.  The most notable shortcoming is probably the slowness of the opener compared to other types of drives. 

Customer feedback is mostly positive, though.  A large percentage of direct drive garage door opener users have expressed delight over it and mentioned that they will recommending this type of opener to friends and relatives in need of one.  The most notable feedback is its quiet operation, reliable performance, and easy installation. The overwhelming feedback of new customers might set a precedent for some companies to consider manufacturing this type of garage door opener drive in the country.

Installation and Maintenance of Direct Drive Garage Door Openers

It has been mentioned earlier that the installation and feedback of direct drive garage door openers is relatively easier compared to other types of garage door drives.

However, since this is a relatively new type of opener in the country and very few people are still familiar with it other than its manufacturer and probably its distributor, it is a challenge to find a reputable garage door installation and repair company willing to work on this type of device.

Garage Doors Houston, located within the vicinity of Houston, Texas is a company with expert technicians who are able to work with the rarer direct drive garage openers.  This capability is borne out of the fact that our technicians are trained and licensed to work with different garage door opener brands out there.  This means that you can rely on M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX to install, repair and maintain your direct drive garage door opener.  You can rely on our team of knowledgeable technicians, who are also courteous and customer-centered.  They put customers’ satisfaction ahead of everything else.  This priority to customer satisfaction has established their reputation in the Houston area as one of the best providers of garage door services.  Aside from installing direct drive garage door openers, M.G.A. has a whole list of other services that they offer.  Go visit their website or give them a call if you need help. Their friendly customer service staff will assist you and answer your queries.  They are available 24/7.

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