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Garage Door Opener Screw Drive Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener – An Overview

A screw drive garage door opener Houston is not a popular type of opener.  Chain drive openers are the most commonly used type since it is easily the most inexpensive type, and belt-drive openers, though more expensive, are known for durability and quietness. The screw drive opener falls just right in the middle, and is actually priced right in the middle as well.

A garage door opener screw drive has been given quite an unfair treatment by online reviewers. Most reviewers say that the disadvantage of a screw drive opener is that it cannot be used in cold weather.  This is simply not true anymore, especially for newer models of reputable brands.

Screw drive openers can open garage doors through a metal rod that is interspersed like a screw.  Some people prefer this because it has virtually no moving parts and it is quite reliable.  Belt drive openers are known to be very quiet, but screw drive openers tend to be moderately noisy, but it does not make as much noise as the chain-drive type.

Screw drive garage door openers are also heavily dependent on what type of door you are going to use.  Heavy wooden doors generally do not work very well with this type of garage door opener.  If your garage door has some extra weight compared to other doors, then this is not they recommended type of garage door opener.  Screw drive openers work best with garage doors that only hold single cars or doors that are made of lighter materials.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener – Parts and Accessories

One main advantage of the screw drive garage door opener is that it works faster than the other opener types.  Later models can open a garage door at around 10 inches per second compared to 8 inches per second, which is the standard of other kinds of garage door openers. This is caused by certain screw drive garage door opener parts Houston that simply rises and falls smoothly.  The screw mechanism is not as clunky as a chain drive or a belt drive.

Since a garage door opener screw drive does not wear out compared to chains and gears, it is relatively easier to maintain.  However, you may need an extension kit, which is separately sold by garage door opener companies. 

There are certain accessories that are made available for screw type garage door openers.  All brands offer the standard three-button remote control. However, some brands sell this separately while for others, it comes with the package.  For women who like to carry around their remote controls inside their purse or for men who like to place it in their pockets, a 3-button mini remote control is sold separately.  Most brands also have a wireless keyless entry system that enables the owner to operate their garage door without the use of the traditional key or remote control.  The wireless keyless entry system merely requires a PIN code for you to be able to open your screw drive garage door.

The most common part that gets replaced in a screw drive opener is the door carriage.  This part can be purchased and what’s commonly sold is compatible with any screw drive opener.  You need a reliable technician to replace this part for you.  If you live in the Houston area, technicians from Garage Door Repair Houston will be able to help you.

Best Screw Drive Brands in the Market

Major garage door opener brands usually only have one to two screw drive garage door opener models in their long list of product offerings.  The best garage door opener brands have poured their excellent manufacturing capabilities into their screw drive opener.  This means that from the manufacturing process to the screw drive garage door opener parts, the best quality is guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at some of the best screw drive garage door opener brands in the market today.

First, there’s the Premium Series 3240 from renowned American brand LiftMaster.  It runs on ½ horsepower motor that is very quiet.  The best thing about this model is that it is compatible in any climate, guaranteed maintenance-free, and has rolling code technology. You don’t have to purchase a 3-button remote control and a multi-function control panel because it is already included in the LiftMaster package.

Next, there is the Genie DirectLift Screw Drive. Genie is an innovative company well known for its garage door openers.  It comes with 120 watts lighting system that illuminates the garage, especially when you come home at night.  It can be directly linked with HomeLink, and has Safe-T-Stop, which is a safety and security feature that provides an invisible beam that cuts across the opening of the garage door.  If anything is blocked by the invisible beam, then it will stop in its tracks to prevent it from hitting anything.

These are just two of the screw type garage door openers in the market today.  Screw type openers are relatively easy to operate, but installation requires expert hands.  Technicians from reputable garage door installation companies such as M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX will be on hand to help homeowners.

Maintaining and Repairing Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

It is always best to conduct preventive maintenance for your screw drive garage door openers.  In order to prevent cold temperatures form affecting your screw drive opener, it is best to use lube on the nail and screw.  Silicone grease is what’s commonly used to oil these parts of the screw drive garage door opener.  The threaded metal rod also needs proper and regular lubrication.  If this is not greased regularly and properly, the rod can possibly wear out.

Maintaining and even repairing defective screw drive garage door openers require the help of professional garage door technicians.  M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX offers this service.  Being in the business for ten years already, they can work with all types of openers.  They have a professional team of licensed technicians who are on call 24/7, whatever the weather.

They are known to provide quality service, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.  The technicians work efficiently and ably.  They are very knowledgeable at what they do, and they will not hesitate to explain the situation in simple terms to the homeowner what the issue is.  M.G.A. technicians are friendly and courteous, and they will give recommendations and advice on how to take care of your screw drive opener so that it lasts longer.

These garage door specialists are trained to assess the need, explain it to the homeowner, and fix the need promptly and efficiently.  They also do other services aside from maintenance and repair, such as installation and replacing broken parts.  They are well adept in all aspect of the garage door.

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