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Custom Garage Door Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Planning for Custom Garage Doors

There will come a time when you will have to renew your garage doors. Maybe it is because the existing ones have worn out. Possibly you want to renovate your entire property.  You are a commercial operation that wants a consistent “brand image” across all your properties, including the garage doors. You have an idea in mind. Maybe you want a minimalist design, using bright plastic panel doors. You might prefer a more traditional wooden panel door design. This will blend in a lot better with your existing property than the doors you had before.

Basically you want custom garage doors.  You have a good idea in your head but you need help in realizing this.  If you live in Houston TX, then get in contact with Garage Doors Houston TX.  We will provide service that can help you achieve this aim of owning a custom garage door.  We provide three different ways of helping you come up with the  custom garage door you want.

You can go online, using our company’s web site, to either select or help design a possible garage door design. You can phone through to an expert who can guide and help you through a range of different designs. Lastly, you can book an appointment with a specialist.  The specialist can suggest different options as well as outline an initial estimate.

Design Choices for Custom Garage Doors

To start with, there is a whole range of different materials you can choose from.   Steel panel doors can be used. Patterns and designs can be added to these.  They can easily be painted and made to look like other material. Steel will need some maintenance but it is a very versatile material.  Aluminum is a lighter but still  a very durable alternative to steel. Plastics come in a whole range of materials –from fiberglass (Glass reinforced fiberglass, GRP) to UPVC, and ABS. 

Plastics have an advantage in that they can be low maintenance and be turned into anything you want. Wood can be either natural timbers, which may be expensive, or composite boards such as plywood. Wood can be easily maintained. There are even glass garage door options, for those that want a designer minimalist outcome.

The choice of what you want will be partly determined by cost and practicality issues such as ease of maintenance, along with design and appearance. Once you are happy with a final design for your custom garage door, then you can come to an agreement with our specialists  on the final estimate and payment method. The next stage will be a detailed site visit. Measurements and details will be taken down.  Everything will be made ready for the installation of the garage door.  A team of qualified experts will install the new custom garage door. The old door will be taken away. The site will be left clean .

The Value of a Custom Garage Door

You will be guided through how to operate the garage door.  Once it is installed and  functioning, you will definitely have an asset that will enhance your property. 

If you want a custom garage door you might worry about the price.  You need to consider that you now have a new garage door that will match the rest of your house. Alternatively, if you are a business, everything needs to reflect your business. New garage doors that have a design and color, which match the rest of your  business image can only bring positive results.  For a home owner, a new garage door could well raise the value of your property. If you are thinking of selling your house, old garage doors that do not fit in with the rest of your property may turn off potential buyers from buying your property. Your home and car insurance could fall as well.

In contrast, a new secure garage door with a modern remote and opener system will give a lot of added security. So over time, you should be able to recoup your initial expenditure. You can also possibly even make money overall on your property. There is one very important condition to this, however. Especially with a custom garage door, you must make sure that it is properly maintained. This not only applies to the outside paneling, but to all the systems that are need to operate the garage door efficiently. This, too, will allow you to save money.

Custom Garage Door Maintenance

You do need to treat a new custom garage door in much the same way that you treat a motor vehicle. You, of course, are not an expert, but by conducting regular and careful visual inspections, you start to notice potential future problems.  It is far better to call in M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX for routine repairs and replacements than waiting for a full blown emergency, which could result in expensive repair costs. Use your ears as well. An increasing noise indicates a problem developing in the “Opener” mechanisms or with the door’s rollers. If this is the case, do not hesitate to call ust at M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX.

With springs and cables,  it may not be so easy to pick up on a problem.  There may be a stiffness or imbalance developing in the door, or you may be starting to notice an imbalance developing.  For those with high usage doors, you need to be aware of a basic physical property of metals.   They harden when a force is applied to them.  Every time a spring moves, when the garage door opens, and a force or load is applied to that spring. For a spring, this is known as a cycle. For anyone opening and closing a garage door 8 times a day, this will result in the springs reaching their limit of 10,000 cycles. The springs will snap at any time.  This makes the garage door inoperative. Rollers, openers, panels and weather shields also need inspection.