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 Garage door is the most elegant part of a house and provides safety as well as a great aesthetic appearance to your home. It is the second door of your house so it has to be given importance and regular garage door maintenance is required. There are a number of garage door maintenance activities required in order to ensure that the garage door repair houston performs well. 

Here are some:

Monthly inspection– A visual monthly inspection of the garage door is required where garage door springs, rollers, cables, pulleys, hinges and other parts are inspected. All are checked for wear or damages. If something does not look right then it has to be repaired.

Monthly door balance test- If there is an automatic opener in your door then the door has to be checked after disconnecting it. It should lift smoothly with a little resistance and if not then there is a problem in the door balance.

Monthly reverse mechanism test– By federal law, every garage door has to be equipped with a reversing mechanism which is a garage door sensor. A complete working test of this reversing mechanism has to be done every month and it has to be ensured that this reversing mechanism is working or not.

Lubrication– In every four to six months, all the hinges, rollers and tracks of the garage door has to be lubricated by using small amount of lubricant.

There are a number of other garage door maintenance activities and it is always recommended that you take the help of a professional service to perform it regularly on your garage door. This will ensure the smooth operation of your garage door and your garage door will always work properly if garage door maintenance is done regularly. M.G.A Garage Door in Houston TX provides garage door maintenance service by industry experts and if you need the service, Call us today on our phone number!


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