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There are a variety of sizes in which the garage door Houston are available. To achieve a proper installation of the garage door you need to know all types of standard garage door sizes available in the market. Depending upon your lifestyle and the garage door usage you can select the size of the garage door.

For Residential Houses

For residences and homes, standard garage door measures 8 X 7 feet, 9 X 7 feet and 10 X 7 feet around. This is meant for a normal house with a normal car or SUV parked inside. If you have multiple cars and vehicles then you should consider other bigger sizes of the garage door. Good manufacturers of garage doors are Amarr, Clopay, Wayne-Dalton and others.
If you have more vehicles then you may need a double garage door. Standard size of double garage doors is 12 X 7 feet, 14 X 7 or 16 X 7 feet. If you have an RV, then size may go further and can be 16 X 8 and more.

For Commercial buildings

This depends on the size of the trucks you use for your business. The more you use trucks to dock into your business the bigger will be the size of the garage door. You should be more concerned towards the height. You should first check how many trucks you want fit at once at the garage door. Leave an extra room so that you get some space. Use a tape measure to measure the required length of the garage door so that your vehicles fit inside properly.

The best way to know the standard garage door sizes you need is to call some garage door expert to your home and discuss. A good professional company for garage door services is M.G.A Houston Garage Door Repair which provides best garage door services Houston, TX.

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