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A nicely painted garage door can bring a great look to your home exterior. It is not only important for aesthetic purposes but also good for protection against dust, sunlight and weather changes. If you find your garage door repair houston faint or the current paint coat looks damaged, then you should consider refinishing it and enhance its lifespan. Here are the steps on how to paint garage door:

  • Have a look at the weather- If the weather is too cold or too hot then painting seems to be difficult. Don’t paint your garage door in direct sunlight or while it is raining.
  • First clean the garage door well- Give the garage door a scrub with a soapy sponge. Remove the sand stuck on the garage door which can cause uneven finish if left.
  • Cover all the areas which you don’t want to paint- Use painter’s tape or cloth to cover the areas which you don’t want to paint.
  • Apply Primer on the area to be painted- Primer is useful if you want to change the color of the garage door and it ensures that the garage door finish looks flat and even after painting. If you don’t use primer than the old hue may be shown underneath and the whole finish looks ugly and immature.
  • Paint the garage door- Apply the paint over garage door with a roller. If you need two coats then finish one coat over a day and allow it to dry and then go for second coating.
  • After the paint goes dry remove the painter’s tape or cloths.

It is really good to paint the garage door by your own but if you are not an expert and wondering how to paint garage door then seek the help of a professional garage door service like M.G.A Garage Door services Houston

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