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Silvelox Garage Door Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

All about Silvelox Garage Doors

Silvelox provides the perfect installment, manufacture, and design to every homeowner. This is what a lot of owners label as the premium luxury garage door in the world. The modern garage doors are built out of dedication to design, a fascination when it comes to its details, and a desire for aesthetics. In a simpler way, you are staring at the very finest garage door ever existed. If second best is never in your vocabulary, then you probably need to get one of this. Is style everything for you? Does architectural style play a huge part in your decision making? A Silvelox garage door is meant for your home. From firmly old-style to blatantly contemporary, our wide-range of garage doors has been created to complement every home of whatever design. With contemporary and traditional woods, the accessories and finishes are just exceptional. It is an easy to build old-style garage door as it is with contemporary garage doors.

Silvelox garage doors are unique and classic. They are truly designed to include every technology that can help in a smooth operation. They can also ensure the highest protection of everyone’s home since they believe  that functionality is always in good form. Garage doors live a simple life. They only go up and down over and over again then they suddenly subject to wear and tear. After which, they will no longer function the way they are if not maintained properly. Fortunately, M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston, TX is here to save the doors as well as provide you with the best ones. Apart from saving your doors, our company also offers Silvelox garage doors. It’ll give you the perfect match and security to your home.

World’s Finest Garage Door

A desire for timber as a substantial material, coupled with traditional carpentry services, creates one of the world’s finest garage doors. This is the goal of Silvelox garage doors. It strives to have a unique manual process with flawlessly smooth gesture attained using old-style counterbalance weights. The Silvelox scheme permits the door to actually open itself every time the handle has been turned on. It also has an exceptional insulation and acoustic properties. It is made possible because of the 80mm modular sandwich on its panel. The automatic selection is made into a better crossbeam of the edge so as to save space and allow room for other objects. The exceptional pedestrian door selection is a highly practical and desirable solution that has the ability to compromise with the visual appearance of whatever design your home has.

Modified high-class designs can be fashioned for an individual condition to compliment any design or style of your home. Sketches and other drawings may be produced as soon as there is approval. Silvelox Garage doors are created to provide safety. They also have the primary factors of finger protection which include drop protection for anti-accidental door, photocells to provide a standard version, and protection located in the pedestrian door. The garage door fully observes the directives of legal authorities in terms of safety.

Silvelox Garage Doors
Silvelox garage door Houston
Silvelox garage doors Houston TX

Silvelox Trackless

Silvelox garage doors have trackless overlap sections which are unique and reliable. Some may describe them like a folding garage door. It is comprised of two door panels which are solid enough to withstand friction. The panels of your doors are raised by means of a counter weight system which uses the fully tested process of pulleys and weights. The weights are located either side of the door panels. It is also encircled in steel casings. There are durable cables running over the topmost area of the doors and they lift the door panels to the sides. Silvelox’s trackless overlap doors provide countless levels of insulation and security as a basic and standard feature as compared to other garage doors. Silvelox garage doors have strong wooden wooden panels made for this purpose. It has  a 2-point steel mechanical latching system. It is an incorporation of the electric operation to provide easy releasing whenever the motor drive is operated.

In the event that you will encounter power interruption, a manual release is provided as an instruction to override your garage door. Taken together, the trackless overlap garage door is the best all-rounder of your garage doors. It provides everything you need in a single garage door. But, it also has some exceptional technology that has the ability to guarantee a sleek and tidy interior to your home. Since Silvelox garage doors are purpose-made, you have the option to optimize the length, width, and other dimensions located inside your garage. Whatever you intend to use, whether it is for your office, playroom, gym, car, or other functions, this garage door has the ability to adapt to it.

Silvelox Garage Door Model Specification

The model can be specified in 3 parts: Valida, Optima, and Perfecta. As to the Valida model specification, it provides an affordable price but with high performance feature. It is even burglar resistance certified. So, if you want to have a protected home and does not cost a lot, Valida is perfect for you. In the case of Optima, it provides higher protection and security compared to Valida. The entrance doors have exceptional security features because of the galvanized steel body of the garage door. It is noise resistance, air permeability, and water resistance.

On the other hand, if you want the highest protection and security, you should opt for Perfecta. This is your top security entrance door. It is heavily reinforced from the inside of your home and has the highest burglar resistance class. One remarkable feature of this model is that it can be personalized in so many ways depending on the taste and style of the homeowner. It has a galvanized steel body attack-proof feature that assures high quality security and protection to your home. Just like other models, Perfecta has an amazing architectural performance. It is also noise resistant, water resistant, and air permeable. Therefore, if you want to have the finest security and protection, call M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston, TX and we will provide you the finest garage with the best service.