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Selecting Garage Door Tips By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Selecting a Garage Door Opener

Most people are passive when it comes to their garage door. Passive in a way that they don’t notice that there is something wrong with their garage doors. If they did notice, they refuse to avail of repair jobs from professionals. The only time they ask for repair or maintenance services is when their garage door is fully damaged and doesn’t work anymore. Prolonging the problem will only result to more repair and installation jobs. Most of the malfunction and damage issues with garage doors starts from the opener. It is hard to determine where the problem is coming from, so why not hire professionals to do it for you? You want the best garage door service provider in all of Houston, Texas? Garage Door Repair Houston at your service. We provide all the necessary garage door services starting from simple repairs to technical garage door installation.

The thing about garage door openers is that you have to choose the right one for your garage door. Choosing the right kind of opener for your garage door ensures durability and functionality. Selecting a garage door opener can be tricky since there are different kinds according to the material you want. You also have to take into consideration the size of your garage. You have to check how many panels you want. You also have to take into account whether you want your garage door to be automatic or manual. Make sure to consider everything before closing the deal for installation services.

Types of Garage Door Opener

There are three types of garage door openers: The Chain Drive, the Belt Drive and the Screw Drive. Let’s start by highlighting the features of each type of opener. First comes the Chain Drive. The chain drive is the most common opener for residential and commercial properties. The chain is attached to the trolley the raises or lowers a garage door. The chain drive is considered to be durable by many, affordable and reliable. However, it tends to make a lot of noise every time you operate your garage door. So if you’re not bothered by that rattling noise, then the chain drive is perfect. Next is the Belt Drive. It is the same as the chain drive, only this time you use a belt rather than a chain. This type of garage door opener doesn’t make much sound and it is perfect for attached garages. There is a screw drive, instead of a trolley mechanism. It is a threaded steel rod which rotates in order to raise or lower a garage door. The Screw Drive doesn’t have many components compared to the other two, meaning minimal maintenance job.

Selecting a garage door opener is easy. Just make sure that the one you choose is suitable for your garage door. For example, over the top garage doors are mostly detached garages, so it is better to use a chain drive. If you have a single panel garage door, then use a screw drive because of the lighter weight. We actually recommend belt drive for residential properties because it is a lot smoother to operate, compared to the chain drive.

select garage doors
Selecting a garage door opener
Selecting a garage door opener

Select Garage Doors

Now time to select garage doors. The one you want for your home. Now what type of garage door do you want? This is an ambiguous question by the way. Because there are categories for above types of garage doors. The first category is door material, the second category is the opening cycle and the third one is the garage door opener, as discussed above. Let’s talk about the opening cycle category. You can choose between sliding, up-and-over, folding, roll-up (or roller), or sectional doors. There isn’t much description about the types and it is really up to the taste of the owner which opening cycle he or she wants. One tip though, if you have a big garage, go with either roller or sectional doors.

Now, the more important category. The material you want for your garage door. In our experience, we are presenting three types of garage door material although there are five. We recommend either Aluminum doors, Vinyl doors, or Wood Composite Doors. Aluminum doors take care of one common problem with garage doors, RUST. This material is lightweight but doesn’t compromise its durability. Vinyl is one of the strongest materials. Steel frames don’t easily break or dent. Wood Composite is a unique one. Wood frames with fiberboards are perfect for single panel garage doors. Strong and affordable material. You can also choose fiberglass, metal and wood doors. But the first three are your best choices. Despite their price rates, the three types require minimal repairs. It’s not easy to select garage doors, right?

Pick out the best one for Security

Remember, you are picking a garage door for security, not style. It is not a bad thing, but it is not advisable to focus on how your garage door would look, rather than its durability. You have to make sure that the garage door you pick is reinforced with a strong material, making it hard to disassemble or break. Also add some extra security features like security cameras or alarm systems. Our services include the installation of the materials and opening cycle types. We ensure that our services are done with finesse and efficiency. Also, no need to worry about maintenance because we will take care of that too. We will notify you if your garage door needs a check-up.

If you’re worried about the cost, then worry no more. M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX is all about  providing the best garage door services to people. We are not in it for the money but for the contribution to our customers. If you want to avail of our services, feel free to give us a call. If you want, you can visit our office at Houston, Texas so we can further discuss the matter with your garage door. We consider what we do as more than just a business. This is our social responsibility to the people of Houston and other nearby cities.