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Roller Shutter Doors Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Roller Shutter Doors – Don’t Take them for Granted

Roller shutter doors are now a very common form of garage door. They can easily be taken for granted. They open and close every day without any problems, then something goes badly wrong. The doors drop to the floor or they jam up. The signs of a problem were probably there all the time, but you just were not picking them up. If there is an emergency and you live in Houston TX, please contact us at Garage Door Repair Houston TX.  We operate an all year 24/7 service. Our telephone operators are always there to take your call. We aim to get to you as quickly as possible.   The modern garage shutter door is much more like your modern vehicle than the old hinged garage doors.  Like a car, there are a number of different systems that all must work together, in order that the roller shutter door functions properly.

Starting with the rollers. The rollers guide the individual panels up and down a set of parallel tracks, on either side of the garage door. These are usually either nylon or steel.  The rollers can wear, and get damaged.  They come with a hinge which helps lock the roller into the tracking. The hinges can work free.  Nuts and bolts will need to be tightened.  There is a wide range of different rollers and hinges for each particular type and make of garage. We can supply these.

Roller Shutter Doors  – Check those Rollers!

Both rollers and hinges need to be matched in order to allow the rollers to run along the tracking smoothly. In roller shutter doors, the tracking will need to be checked.  This can get damaged, dented and  blocked with debris.  Any problems with the rollers, hinges or tracking will prevent the smooth running of these shutter doors.  This could lead to the door jamming. All our technicians are fully qualified. We are also familiar with all the different makes and models of garage doors.  We also use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.  These are the parts specifically designed for a particular make and model of garage door. Do not attempt any of this work yourself.  To start with the garage door will have to be properly secured and isolated.

Rather than waiting for an emergency to happen, it would make a lot more sense if you got in the habit of doing some routine maintenance yourself. This applies equally to both residential, but also commercial and municipal garage owners. You simply use your eyes and ears. With the rollers, it may be the increase in noise that you start to notice. The doors are not running so smoothly. If you have any concerns or worries, please contact us at M.G.A. We can arrange a visit. If you do use your garage a lot, then we set up a regular maintenance schedule.  For example, rollers and hinges should be checked twice yearly, and if necessary, replaced.

Roller shutter doors
roller shutter doors
roller shutter door Houston TX

Watch those Springs!

You will need to have the correct maintenance equipment with you such as tap wrenches, etc.  Plus the correct parts.  All moving parts will need periodic lubrication and oiling. We can undertake all this work at M.G.A Garage Doors Repair, Houston TX. Another set of critical components found in roller shutter doors, are springs as well as cables.  Springs are held under high tension.  These are usually torsion, or extension springs. They are found at the top of the garage and are used to assist the opener motor in opening and closing the garage door.  Failure in a spring could be serious.  This might result in the garage door falling on you, your family or your family pets.

The “life” of a spring can therefore be predicted. This is due to work hardening.  Every time a force is applied to a piece of metal, in this case the spring expands or contracts, the metal becomes slightly more brittle.  There will come a point when the spring will break and snap.  This can be predicted.  Each time the garage door opens and closes, this represents a cycle. This can vary a lot.  For example, if a garage door is used several times a day, the springs can start to snap. In the case of a garage door used a number of times a day, breakage will start in just five years.  If the garage door is used four times a day, then the springs will start breaking in seven years.

Garage Door Repair for your Roller Shutter Door

As you can see, from these statistics, it will not take long before springs start failing, if a garage is used a lot.  Replacing high tension garage tension springs can be highly dangerous. If these springs are released, they can come flying out at you and cause serious injury. The garage door must be properly secured.  If, for example, you run a business and your commercial garages are used all the time, or if you have a large family, it would make a lot of sense if you get in touch with us at M.G.A.. We can replace all the springs and cables for you, regularly.  This would be especially useful, if your roller shutter door garages were high usage. 

Another set of important roller shutter door systems are associated with the opener.  This is a whole set of interrelated mechanical, electrical and electronic systems.  The “photo eye” could be out of alignment with the outside remote.  This is easily rectified. The door opening mechanism itself consists of an arm, which is attached to the garage door.  This in turn, is attached to a trolley. The trolley then moves.  A number of different systems can be used.  Chain, belt or gear drive mechanisms can be employed. Again, any mechanical system will wear or get damaged.  Parts can work loose. They will need regular lubricating and oiling.  Our technicians from Houston TX, can repair, maintain and replace any of these parts. This applies to any electronic system.