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The Pre-Finished Steel Carriage House Door is overlaid with poly-accented battens that give it its timeless design. You can choose from a wide variety collection the perfect color, style and detail that would match your preferences. Carriage house garage doors deserve a more traditional shade like cream, brown, oak, white, etc. for the style to work. Different styles of long and short panels, as well as window trimmings, are added to the ensemble to give it a more detailed look. A set of garage tools and accessories like door handles, rollers, torsion springs, hinges, and bolts are all provided to finish the carriage house exterior. Door handles are a must in manual garage door openers and they also vary in size and design. Bolts and hinges are fixed to keep the door stable and secure. Insulation can also be installed should you want it for your door to maintain the usual air flow in the garage. You don’t have to worry about having to call repair service from time to time because this garage door has a low maintenance feature. It is made of high-quality materials that assure you the quality of the product has a long lifespan.

This garage door is open for innovative details such as the type of garage door opener that you would like for your home. Swing-out doors, swing-up doors, roll-up doors and sliding types are all available in the market. You can choose a retractable opener or a canopy doors that allows your garage door to swing outward and then slide away into its ceiling space. This kind usually allows you to park a few feet away from the door so as not to get hit by it. The most common kind of door opener is the sectional-hinged panel and roller doors that roll up into the spindle fixed in the garage ceiling. Installing door openers can be a handful one if you’re not really into do-it-yourself projects. Some garage doors are difficult to set-up and would need an expert hand to install. Garage Door Repair Houston is one call away when you need help. You can choose whether to have an automatic or manual door opener.

Garage Door Materials

In choosing the perfect garage door for your home, you should also consider the quality of materials aside from your own personal preference. Since garage doors are one of the most important openings in a house, you should remember to choose something that is strong and stable to last a long time. Carriage doors are supposed to be made of real wood. But because wood materials are expensive and have a high maintenance nature, it doesn’t really appeal to the middle class. People nowadays, prefer to have wood-like designs for their doors and steel is one of the materials to embrace and innovate on the idea. The difference between the two is that the Manual opener allows you to literally get out of the car, open the garage doors and drive your way to your garage. The automatic door opener requires less effort with only a click on a remote control, watch as your garage door opens without a fuss.

Steel is the most common material that manufacturers use to produce wood-like garage doors because of its sustainability, affordability, and durability. It is tougher and costs cheaper than wood materials. It requires low maintenance, so it’s a big plus for customers. It also is lighter than wood and has the ability to withstand fire, harsh winds, heavy rain, and snow. Pre-finished steels are easier to install, that’s why it’s a good garage-type material. The only disadvantage of having steel for your garage doors is that it is subject to corrosion and it can be dented due to heavy impact. This carriage house door is constructed with pre-finished steel exterior that is made up of a series of layers of steel that has the ability to withstand pressure and impact. It is then finished with a metallic sheet coating that acts as a protective barrier from different weather conditions and other environment factors. Its durable steel base has excellent damage-resistant features, so rest assured that your car and your home are both safe.

Carriage House Doors

First, you must remember that a rustic door doesn’t have to be difficult, it simply just has to be durable and long-lasting. Bring back the traditional elegance of garage doors to your home with the Pre-Finished Steel Carriage House Doors.  This contemporary carriage house doors bore the resemblance of garage doors of the previous era but at the same time has the benefits of modern technology carved in its foundations. It is structured with a durable pre-finished steel exterior and then coated with a weather-resistant metallic sheet. Carriage House Doors are most commonly known as “barn-style” garage doors and are usually found in residential homes than in commercial establishments. Homeowners have a particular liking for these types of garage doors because of its timeless design and a style that is oozing with elegance. Some carriage doors are even detailed with sophisticated accessories that add to the charm of this traditional-inspired structure.

Garage Door Services

Do you want to straighten that dent on your garage door? Or do you want to have your rusty garage door cleaned? Not a problem with M.G.A. Garage Door Repair, Houston TX. We can fix anything for you in no time. Did your garage door malfunction on the eve of Christmas? Don’t worry because our company is open 24/7. We’re open even on holidays to cater to your need any given day. But of course, nothing can’t be repaired. We have expert technicians to attend to your every repair and maintenance needs. We also offer installation services if you need help setting up your garage door. If you want to achieve the innovative classic look of a carriage house door, grab your phone and dial (713) 936-2255. We have support staff that will guide and accommodate your request and inquiries.