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If your old garage door opener is not working and you are looking for steps for how to install garage door opener, then you will find this article helpful. Check out these expert tips for a trouble free installation of a garage door opener-

  • First make sure that all the garage door parts Houston are working properly. Check for any broken spring, any broken roller or brackets or any other part. Fix the faulty garage door part first and it may be the reason of the faulty garage door, so fix it.
  • Test the garage door balance. Open the garage door half and then leave it. If the garage door moves up and down by itself then there may be some problem with the torsion spring adjustment. This causes the opener to work harder and can wear out faster. Call professionals to adjust the garage door torsion springs.
  • Always choose the right garage door opener- Choose a 1/3 hp or 1/2hp opener for a single garage door. Go for 1/2hp for a double door and 3/4hp for a door that has heavy wood. Garage door openers are available with a chain drive, screw and belt drive. Chain drives are cheaper but noisy, screw dives are less noisier but costlier. The least noisy are belt dives but are most expensive.
  • Place the opener on a ladder for easier installation and set the height well.
  • Eliminate the sway and hang the opener with angle iron during installation.
  • Replace the associated components also if worn because the new garage door openers may function improperly if the associated components like wires, wall buttons, photoelectric eyes etc. are faulty.
  • Check the opening force by putting your foot on the garage door and opening it with a remote. The light pressure from your foot should cause the garage door to stop.
  • Use tough bulbs and don’t exceed the wattage mentioned on the opener.
  • Remove the reversing door issue if any- The photoelectric eyes are sensitive and they should be clean and the path between them should be clear. If not then the reversing door problem may arise.

These are the expert tips on how to install garage door opener. If you need professional services to install garage door opener, then call M.G.A Garage Door Houston today for the best service!

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