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Are you locked out of your garage doors Houston? It may happen that your wall opener may not be working and the remote too. Or you may have lost your garage door opener and need to find a way to unlock your garage door from the outside. There may be other issues too like loss of power and you are finding it difficult to disable the opener and manually open the door. Here are some tips and tricks by which you can unlock your garage door and get inside.

  • There should be a manual cable release which helps in disconnecting the garage door from the opener chain so that you are able to open it manually. This is often in the form of a small key near your garage door and you can easily open the lock and manually release the garage door.
  • Some models of the garage door may have a lock cylinder on the garage door. It is on the top of the garage door panel and you can easily locate it. Insert the key which you may have and the lock should come out when turned. A cord should be attached to the back and pulling the cord will free the garage door from the opener and you can open the garage door manually.
  • There can be a release handle on garage doors where the door is having a raising mechanism. Pull it to free from raising trolley and you can open it manually.
  • Take the help of a local professional garage door company. They are highly efficient in solving the emergency garage door problems with the help of latest tools. Search in the internet or ask someone who knows any garage door company nearby. Take the help of fast garage door service and you will be able to unlock your garage door within an hour.
  • You should always prevent the lockout situation of your garage door parts Houston. Talk to your garage door provider company and know the ways to fix this problem if it happens. They will tell you how to do it manually and read instruction manuals.

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