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A garage door Houston is one of the most valuable assets you have which provides a great utility to your house. It is really frustrating when you find your garage door working improperly. It needs to be fixed immediately in order to get it back on track, otherwise the garage door problems may go worse and affect other parts. We will discuss here how to repair a garage door: Tips and guidelines.

Steps on repairing a garage door

  • Check the metal tracks. Look at the mounting brackets which hold the tracks on the walls. If loose, tighten the bolts. If there are dents, crimps or damaged spots on the track, pound them. If severely damaged tracks, then they should be replaced.
  • If there is dirt or hard grease in the garage door tracks, then clean the tracks with a good cleaner. Clean the rollers too and then wipe everything thoroughly to be dry.
  • Check out for any loose hardware in the garage door. Tighten whatever is loose in order to make it function properly. Check the plates in the swing up doors where the spring is mounted. Tighten if any loose screw is there.
  • Check the hinges in the roll up doors that hold the sections of the garage doors together. Replace any damaged hinge or tighten the loose screws. One side sagging can be fixed by tightening or servicing the hinges of the door. If any screw hole is enlarged, then fix a new screw which covers the hole and tighten it. Use a hollow fiber plug dipped in carpenter’s glue with the new screw.
  • If there is a cracking in the wood at the hinge, remove the hinge and fill the cracks and the holes of the screws with a wood filler. After the filler is dry, replace the hinge.
  • Take the help of an expert professional garage door Repair Houston company if you are not an expert in fixing garage doors. The garage door has big moving parts and many times it may not be safe to fix it manually. So call a good garage door service and get everything fixed fast.

These were some steps on how to repair a garage door: Tips and guidelines.

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