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A brand new garage door gives a new elegance to your beautiful home. It also adds to the safety of your home by preventing outside impurities and insects to enter into your home. It also protects the inside from the outside changes in the climate. It is the second door of your house and a big visible portion of your house from outside. Therefore it is very important to buy a good looking garage door for your house. After purchasing a new garage door repair houston your next concern is how to install a garage door in your home. Here are the steps to install a new garage door in your property.

  • Collect your tools

There are no such special tools required for installing a garage door but you need a socket wrench or a drill with socket attachment ,sockets, screw drivers and hammer, measuring tape, C-clamps, level and pliers for locking.

  • First remove your garage door springs and the door

The first step in ‘How to install a garage door’ is to remove garage door springs. Remove the extension springs which are mounted on the horizontal tracks on each side. But if torsion springs are there, you will have to release the tension first and for that purpose take the help of garage door professionals.

  • Old Track removal

Remove the old track only if you don’t want to reuse it. But reusing it may affect the manufacturer’s warranty for the new garage door. The warranty is not affected if you install new track. But if you want to remove the garage door track, remove it by removing first the screws and then removing the track.

  • Fix the weather strip

Fix the weather strip which seals the gap between the garage door and the floor, protecting from the external weather and insects.

  • Bottom Panel Assembling

After weather stripping, attach the bottom bracket on each door side. Bracket holds spring cables and mostly installed on top of weather stripping. Apply the fasteners required in the process. Now, attach the hinges to the door. Then set the door in the opening and drive nails on each side to hold it in the place.

  • Remaining panels assembling

Attach the hinges to the top of the remaining panels. Set all the panels one by one on top of each other using nails. As you stack them, finish attaching hinges to both doors. When you finish, slide rollers on each side of each panel.

  • Track installation

Over the rollers, slide the horizontal track on each side. Fasten the track to the frame. Now attach the vertical track to horizontal. After this, attach the track to the angled iron which is fastened to the ceiling.

  • Attaching of springs

If you are using old springs, reattach them. If using new springs, assemble as directed by the manufacturer.

Will the complete assembling and mounting of the garage door along with springs in place, test the garage door working manually. After you are satisfied, add the garage door opener. These are the steps on how to install a garage door. If you are not expert into it, do not try it on your own. Better take the help of a professional garage door Houston company.

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