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How to adjust a garage door

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Maintaining a garage door Houston is an important thing and adjusting a garage door balance is the most important thing in the maintenance task. If the garage door is properly adjusted then it will put a lot of less strain on all its parts and will keep on working trouble free for many years to come. So, if you are looking for steps on how to adjust a garage door then here are the easy steps to do so. All you need is a 6 foot stepladder and carpenter’s level.

  • Move your door up and down until you get the place where the door stops when you release it. If this point is less than 3 feet above the ground then you have to adjust the garage door by balancing it.
  • Make sure that your door is open when you adjust it. This will take the pressure off the springs. Put a ladder under the door to avoid closing of the door accidently.
  • Ensure that the spring is completely free of tension and then start adjusting it. If the door closes too quickly move the spring to next higher hole. If door opens too quickly move the spring to next lower hole.
  • Check the garage door closing with a level and the door comes evenly on both the sides. If it does not then adjust springs on both the sides until it is even on both the sides.
  • To bring fine adjustments, try to adjust the lifting cable instead of the spring. This lifting cable is attached to the door and has an S- hook that attaches to the track support. When the door is completely open, take the hook out of the support and adjust it by tightening or loosening of the cable.

By reading these steps you can understand how to adjust a garage door. It is also recommended that you take the help of professional garage door services Houston if you are not an expert.

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