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Purchasing a new garage door parts houston is a good investment and if your garage door faces the street then it has to be well built and should look elegant. The new garage door must add to the curb appeal of your house. For this purpose choosing the right garage door is very important and you should get the right balance of performance, beauty and value through the new garage door. If you are considering a custom wood garage door for your home then it is really a good decision but take a note of pros and cons of considering a custom wood garage door.

Advantages of custom wood garage door

It offers flexibility in design – The appeal of the custom wood garage door is undeniable and the design pairs with any type of architectural design. It can look both modern as well as traditional and the customization of wooden garage doors is much easier. It suits the architecture and you can easily accommodate overly tall, arched or wide garage door openings.

The wooden garage doors do not dent- The wooden garage doors offer a better value over time as they do not dent if hit by anything hard.

A wooden garage door can be eco-friendly- A custom wood garage door can be designed well to maintain your ideals. Reclaimed wood can be used to get a rustic and vintage look and you don’t have to cut any tree to make that wood.

Thus there are a number of advantages of considering a custom wood garage door but there are cons too. Take a look:

Disadvantages of custom wood garage door

Wood garage doors need more maintenance- Wood garage doors may need repainting or re-staining at regular intervals unlike steel garage doors which do not need much maintenance. If the maintenance is not done with time, wood garage doors may crack or catch the moisture.

Poor insulators – Wood garage doors are poor insulators of energy as compared to steel garage doors.

Heaviness – Custom wood garage door is heavier than a steel or vinyl one. This is a big drawback and you will need a more powerful garage door opener to operate it well.

Thus there are pros as well as cons in installing a custom wood garage door in your house. It depends on your choice, need and budget to install it and if everything suits you, you can consider installing a custom wood garage door repair Houston in your place.

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