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Genie Garage Door Opener Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Genie’s Commitment to Quality

Based in Ohio, this great American company is a trusted name in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.  Since 1923, when it was known as Alliance Manufacturing Company, it has been known for its dedication to develop innovative products, high quality and dependability.  The Genie brand is well-respected in various industries, but it is very much associated with quality garage door openers, which they produced in 1954.  The very first Genie garage door opener Houston was actually named Genie.  The company is proud of the fact that “Genie” is the first residential garage door opener that is radio-controlled and mass-produced.  This served as an inspiration for the company, and it eventually changed its name to Genie Home Products in the 80s. Genie became the benchmark for design, safety and great customer service for the garage door opener industry.

Just like in 1954, the company continues to break new ground with creative and innovative products.    

The core values of Genie remain the same today, and they haven’t rested on their laurels.  They continue develop and innovate. Part of their legacy is the trust that their loyal customers put on them.  As Genie continues to innovate garage door openers and its accompanying Genie garage door opener remote, their name has become synonymous with reliability and service.

Not only are their products innovative, so is the way they serve and reach out to their loyal customers. They use various distribution channels, and do not limit themselves into just one type of dealer or retailer. 

Genie Garage Door Opener

For millions of Americans living in suburban areas, it is important to have garage door openers.  They have learned to rely on garage door openers to let them in and out of their homes. These days, garage door systems are so advanced that they offer more than opening and closing doors.  They act as part of your home security.

The Genie Garage Door Opener is one of the highest rated garage door openers in the market today.  In fact, three of their models consistently make it to the top ten lists of outstanding garage door openers.

So far, Genie has 13 different models of garage door openers on offer. To make it easy for the consumers to choose, these garage door openers are categorized into types of motors.  There are three main types of motors:  140 Volt DC Motors, other DC Motors, and AC Motors. 

The category 140 Volt DC Motors has the most products in the Genie arsenal.  It is in fact further subdivided into Screw Drive, Belt Drive and Chain Drive.  The Screw Drive model types under the 140 Volt DC Motors category have the most number of products.  Genie offers three Screw Drive models namely the PowerMax 1500, PowerMax 1200, and Excelerator II.  The Belt Drive has two models, the SilentMax 1200 and the SilentMax 1000, while the Chain Drive only has one model, the ChainMax 1000. The Belt Drive type has 6 other models under the “Other DC Motors” category.  Under AC Motors, there is only one screw drive model, the PowerLift 900.

Genie Garage Door Parts and Accessories

All the models of Genie garage door openers have corresponding parts that are known for their strength, durability, and reliability. 

The Genie garage door opener remote is an integral part of the entire package of Genie garage door opener products. The remote control choices are quite staggering, each one specialized based on customers’ needs and preferences.  For instance, the Aladdin Connect Smart Device Enabled Garage Door Opener allows the homeowner to control and monitor your garage door activities remotely using your smartphone or mobile device.  It is an app that’s available for downloading for both iOs and Android devices. The Closed Confirm remote on the other hand is a special Genie accessory that beeps and emits a green light that confirms that you were able to close your garage door as you drive away from home.

Genie also has keypads and wall buttons available.  The Wireless Keyless entry system comes with easy-to-follow programming instructions. The Universal Wall Button is wall-mounted and is used to operate the garage door from inside.  Their accessory that reinforces Safety is the Safe-T-Beam System which uses a sensor to detect whether the garage door will hit anything as it lowers down. In case of a power outage, there is the Emergency Release Kit, which is used to open the door from the outside when there’s no power.

All Genie garage door opener parts Houston have superior design and engineered for the optimum efficiency and convenience. If any of these parts seem to be defective or broken, you need to contact a reputable garage door opener repair company.  In the Houston area, Garage Doors Houston have licensed and experienced technicians who know their way around Genie garage door openers.

Genie Garage Door Opener Services

The entire Genie Garage Door System works seamlessly together.  It takes a team of experts to install this to your home after purchasing.  Homeowners in Houston rely on M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX to get the job done efficiently.  For ten years now, they have been serving the garage door needs of homeowners in the area.  They have built a good reputation that keeps customers satisfied.

Our expert technicians all have vast experience working with Genie garage door opener parts In Houston. They are also licensed professionals who specialize in garage door services such as installation, repair and maintenance.  They are able to work with different types of brands, particularly brands that are known for their high-quality such as Genie.

What is good about M.G.A. staff is that they are very knowledgeable about garage door parts and accessories.  They will not hesitate to give you advice and maintenance tips to help you take care of your investment.  They are also available 24/7 to provide periodic testing and checks to make sure that your garage door opener and the entire system is working properly.  If there’s a problem, they will explain the situation clearly, give the best solution, and fix it right on the spot.

Those who have queries and are not sure what to do can give them a call or send them an email.  Their friendly customer support will be on hand to answer your questions. They will give sound recommendations and send people to your home only if necessary.

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