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Garage Door Safety Sensor – An Overview

All modern garage door openers are equipped with all types of technologically advanced gadgets that make life easier for garage door owners.  We take these garage door gadgets and accessories for granted, but there was once a time when people don’t even have these conveniences.  One great advancement in garage door openers is their safety sensors, which have been an industry standard since the mid-1990s. 

The standard sensor for garage door openers is a two-part optical garage door sensor Houston that detects whether the door is closed and whether someone is obscuring the path of the door underneath.  This serves as a safety measure so that nobody gets crushed underneath a rolling garage door.  This type of garage door opener sensor may seem to be very simple, but they do work.

Garage door safety sensors send and receive an infrared beam in order to prevent the door from closing when there’s someone or something underneath it. These are the two parts of the sensor.  A garage door safety sensor always has a transmitter, which sends the signals, and a receiver and these are both located on opposite sides of the door, specifically near the ground. If they detect that an object or a person is obstructing their way, the garage door then reverses and does not close. 

Knowing the importance of a garage door opener sensor, owners should make sure that the sensors are working properly.  If it fails, the lights usually flash or blink and the door won’t close properly.

Installing the Garage Door Safety Sensor

The garage safety sensors usually come with the garage door opener.  Most garage door openers have installation manuals that owners can follow.  However, certain technical aspects may be challenging for weekend Do-It-Yourself warriors. Here are the general steps in installed a garage door safety sensor:  The first thing to do is to push the safety sensor against the bracket to be able to secure the two parts together.  This should be done for both sensors.  When both sensors are secure, press the clip of the bracket on the garage door track.  They should be near the ground, approximately 6 inches above it.  Remember that both sensors should be positioned facing the opposite side of the doorway.

The next few steps require certain wiring proficiency.  The wiring should be set-up and placed against the garage’s interior wall until it reaches the overhead motor.  After this, the sensors should be activated and tested.  The most complicated part of installation for a DIY homeowner is the wiring.

Our busy lives sometimes prevent us from taking care of some household tasks such as installing a garage door opener sensor.  This is when garage door installation services come in.  They can help harried and busy homeowners take care of their garage door sensor needs. In a large city like Houston, there is one garage door company that provides professional services. Garage Doors Houston delivers one of the best services in the area, since they understand that garage door openers and all its parts are all part of an intricate, inter-connected system.

Testing and Troubleshooting the Garage Door Opener Sensor

Testing the sensors is a complicated and challenging part of setting up and installing the garage door sensor.  Testing the sensors entail the connection of the motor with the short wires that have been previously prepared. 

The ultimate goal is for the lights of the sensor not to blink.  If they emit a steady glow that means it is fixed.  However if they continue to blink, there must be something wrong with the installation process. 

Sometimes an already installed sensor blinks for no reason.  This is also accompanied by a malfunctioning door.  This now tells us that the safety reversing sensors are not aligned or there is an obstruction.  The safety sensors will not move down if there is an issue.  Often, the issue lies with the way that the wires were connected with the sensors.  It could be because of a poor connection or wires that were not connected properly.  To verify whether the wiring is correct, check if the white wires insert to the white terminal and the black and white wires are connected to the gray terminal.  Just remember that the red LED on the sending sensor will always glow, even if there is an alignment or obstruction on its path.  However, the green LED, which is the receiving sensor, might be dimmed or turned off.  When this is the case, alignment of the sensors is needed.  This is a complicated and time-consuming task.  It is better to call a professional garage door technician to fix the problem.

Reputable Garage Door Opener Services

All types of garage door safety concerns should be handled by a professional.  Despite our best efforts at troubleshooting, complicated wiring on the sensors prevent us from thoroughly fixing the issue.  We might be able to fix the issue temporarily, but there might be a bigger problem that needs to be solved right away.  The best solution is to seek technicians who are trained and licensed.  Our staff at M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX knows exactly what to do in this type of situations.  Just give us a call or send us an email and we will come to your home at the soonest possible time, or at a time that you specify.  We offer sensor adjustment, alignment, sensor installation or even sensor replacement, if needed. 

Our M.G.A. technicians will conduct a free evaluation first before discussing the best solution with the homeowner.  We usually offer many alternative solutions, but often identify the best among them.  Our efficient and dependable team will give sound recommendations that will be affordable, and within your budget.  We will not charge extra for fees that are not needed.

We value our customers and we know how valuable your time, money and resources are.  Our professional staff will not take advantage of you and will tell it as it is.  If you are in the Houston area, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will address your concerns promptly and efficiently.

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