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Garage Door Opener Chain Drive Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – an Overview

A chain drive garage door opener is the most common type of garage door openers.  It is actually the first commercially-made, mass-produced design, and is composed of chains that are attached to a trolley and the garage door, which allows the chains to move.  The linked rollers, also called the roller chain are like chains that are used on bicycles.  They move because of the sprocket.  A sprocket is a wheel that turns and moves the garage door on its track.

The longevity of this design is a testament to its durability and ingenuity.  It is a simple design, but it really works.  It is also known for its long life and reliability.  It is a proven fact that chain drive garage door openers have a longer life span compared to other types.

Most online reviewers complain about the chain drive garage door opener causing a lot of noise, but in fact newer models, particularly by well-respected brands such as Genie, Craftsman and Chamberlain has engineered models that have become quieter.  Newer technologies are able to reduce the noise levels of the metal to metal interaction in the garage door opener chain drive Houston.

Being the most affordable type of garage door opener, many people use the chain drive opener more than any other garage door opener type.  It is still the first choice among suburban consumers who want safety, reliability, and affordability.  Most reputable garage door companies have two to four models of the chain type opener, suitable for customers’ needs and preferences.

The Best Chain Drive Garage Opener

The garage door opener chain drive hasn’t changed in design since its first introduction.  However, garage door openers have been improved and enhanced through the years.  Reputable companies have come up with outstanding designs.  The best chain drive garage opener is still dependent on needs and preferences of consumers.  However, two chain drive garage openers have features that are clearly superior to what other brands have to offer.

Chamberlain, a notable maker of fine garage door openers, leads the list as being the best chain-drive garage door opener.  This is verified by retailers, online reviewers, and consumer reviews.  The Chamberlain PD612EV is an ideal garage door opener for your residence.  It is a top choice because of its superb features that adhere to the Chamberlain name.  With ½ horsepower, it is relatively quiet, which comes as a bit of a surprise knowing that chain-drive openers have a lot of noise. This opener is compatible with the MyQ connectivity network, which allows the owner to connect to their garage door through their mobile device.  There is a manual release feature just in case of power outage.  All in all this garage door opener delivers top notch performance all around.

The second best chain drive garage door opener is the Genie 1022-TH ChainLift Garage Door Opener.  It is known to be a long-lasting device that uses Genie technology.  Genie is known to be an innovator of household appliances and equipment, and they have come up with a silent motor and the patented intellicode technology to secure your garage door.   This ½ horsepower machine also features safe T-beams that allow for extra safety, especially as the garage door is closing.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Knowing that chain drive garage door openers are difficult to maintain because of its many different parts that are all crucial to its overall operation, it is best to leave the preventive maintenance of your chain drive garage door opener to experts.  Periodic tests and checks should be done.  Garage door installation and repair company Garage Door Repair Houston is able to efficiently do maintenance checks on your opener.

Proper maintenance is the key to enjoying your chain drive opener for many years.  First of all, as a homeowner you should be able to do simple things such as checking if there are loose hardware on the opener.  As a result of much activity, chain drive openers have certain parts that tend to loosen up.  This is usually caused by vibrations between metal to metal that is common in chains.  M.G.A. technicians usually tighten these loose parts using a wrench or a screwdriver.  Not paying attention to this issue will result in further damage or breakage.

Homeowners need to maintain their chain drive opener by lubricating it.  This decreases the noise level and allows chains to travel smoothly. If you are a busy homeowner, you can call garage door opener services to do this for you on a bi-annual basis.  Annually, homeowners should also be able to check if the chain has slack.  If it has, it would cause the door to not open up all the way or to back against the floor.  If your door opener has been neglected for months, this usually happens.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Services

If your chair drive opener has malfunctioned, or is in need of maintenance, a reputable garage door installation service should be called to meet your needs.  Repairing chain drive openers, or even installing one, require people of a certain caliber.  You certainly do not want to entrust the security and safety of your garage to someone who is not skilled.

Providing vast experience in the field, M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX is able to help customers install, repair and maintain their chain drive garage door openers. 

Having worked with all types of brands, M.G.A. technicians are experienced and knowledgeable with the various mechanisms of most brands of chain drive garage door openers. 

Not only do they provide services for chain drive types of garage door openers, they are also adept at working with other types of garage door openers, such as the belt-drive and screw-drive openers. 

This experience and knowledge is what makes customers secure and satisfied.  Many happy customers have entrusted their garage door installation and repair needs to M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX.

Not only do they provide expert technicians, but the level of service they provide is exemplary.  Their customer support is open all days of the week, 24 hours a day.  Even when you are in an emergency situation, you can give them a call and they will be able to respond to you and help you with your garage door needs. Their prompt and efficient service is a hallmark of their company.  One of their core values is quality service, and most of them go above and beyond their call of duty just to be able to help you with your garage door openers.

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