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Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a discounted price. Can you provide me a better price?

We have set our prices based on many costs which include cost of raw materials, cost of labor for installation or repair, transportation charges and others. We get a very low margin after considering other charges like fuel, vehicle, employment cost, advertisement and others. But however sometimes there is a scope for discounted prices when we receive special purchases from the manufacturers

What are your working hours?

We work 24X7 and in case of any emergency related to your garage door service you can call us at our official phone number (713)-936-2255. Our engineers will be at your doorstep in no time.

Do you charge for estimates or it is free?

If you need a new installation of garage door then we will visit your home and give you a free estimate for it. In case you want a garage door repair Houston then we will give you a free estimate over phone which will be based upon the description of the problem you give and there is no need for a visit.

I want to change the code of the garage door opener by myself. Can I change it by my own?

Yes, you can change it by your own. Just consult the owner’s manual or if needed give us a call.

Can I paint my garage door?

Yes, why not? You can paint a new steel door too. A good process is to wash it first with TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) and then allow it to dry completely. Then paint it with a nice quality latex paint and you will get a better result.

When should I replace a garage door with a new one?

If your garage door is not operating well or have broken down completely then it is the time to change it with a new one.  Also when the aesthetic values of a house is to be increased then also a new garage door installation is needed. The resale value of the home is increased if the garage door is attractive. But a new garage door installation must be done by a professional company only and you should contact an expert company for the new garage door installation.

I have a broken spring garage door and I want to open it. Shall I?

You should not open your garage door if its spring is broken. It can be dangerous and you should immediately ask a professional garage door company to get it repaired.

Is it possible to open my garage door with a broken electric door opener?

Yes, it is possible and most of the electric door openers have a manual release cord or lever that helps in disconnecting the drive mechanism and you can open the garage door manually. But you have to be inside the garage to do this.

My door opens with the remote but I am not able to close it with the remote. What is the issue?

This is likely to be the case of safety sensors of the opener which are mounted near the floor on each side of the garage doorway. In order to get the door closed the sensors must be clear of obstructions and should be pointed towards each other. But it is better to call a technician for garage door repair Houston and do not try to solve this issue manually or close the garage door manually if you are not sure.

How do you accept the payment?

We accept all types of payment modes which can be cash, personal or business cheques. MasterCard and Visa payments are also accepted but there can be a small transaction fees.

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