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Craftsman Garage Door Opener Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX

Craftsman Commitment to Quality

Craftsman started by creating powerful and high-quality tools in the 1920s.  Owned by global retail giant Sears, it then started a legacy of manufacturing tools, which then evolved into power tools, and eventually became other electrical and mechanical devices that are useful for the home. 

Craftsman’s commitment to quality led them to manufacture the Smart garage door opener. Craftsman has a sub-brand called Smart, dedicated solely to their Craftsman garage door opener Houston and accessories.  These garage door openers reflect the Craftsman brand of dedication to durability and quality.  Today, Craftsman garage door products are sold everywhere – online, in brick and mortar stores, and most giant retail outlets.

Craftsman has a dedicated customer service care team. They take care of warranty and returns, as well as product recall.  Customers may call them through their hotline or send them an email.

With this dedication to quality craftsmanship, the Craftsman garage door opener parts are guaranteed to be of best quality.  In fact their garage door opener models have consistently topped the list of best garage door openers in the market today.  Many satisfied customers give them five star ratings. In the manufacturing process, all Craftsman products undergo a battery of tests, and their garage door openers are no exception.  This is the kind of service that we should expect from such a venerable brand as Craftsman.

Garage Doors Houston is a garage door installation and repair service company that is equally committed to quality.  They are well adept in installing Craftsman products in your homes.

Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener

Unlike other brands, Craftsman only has a few garage door openers in their list of product offerings.  However, they more than make up for it with its solid and robust features.  For the brand, offering Craftsman garage door opener Houston and Craftsman garage door opener remote products is more of quality more than quantity.

Craftsman offers both chain-drive and belt-drive models. The Craftsman ¾ horsepower die-hard battery back-up ultra-quiet garage door opener is so great that it could operate the garage door even during a power outage.  It has a three-frequency radio system, timer-to-close technology and anti-burglary coding technology. The three-frequency radio system removes all the effects of radio interference of other radio-based products inside the home. This means that you are able to access the garage door using the remote even at quite a lengthy distance.  The timer-to-close technology enables the garage door to automatically close after a set period of time.  Safety and security is assured with its anti-burglar technology that includes motion detecting wall control and the PosiLock theft protection system that securely locks the garage door.

Craftsman’s chain-drive garage door opener contains the same excellent features as the belt-drive model.  Being a chain-drive model, this particular garage door has Craftsman garage door opener parts that allow for safety, security and convenience, and makes it an ideal product for frequent use.  It has the patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) which makes the usually loud metal chains considerably quieter. It comes in both ¾ horsepower and ½ horsepower models.

Craftsman Smart Garage Door Parts and Accessories

Craftsman garage door openers, known for its excellent features, come complete with a package that helps the homeowner maximize the full benefits of these products. Aside from the usual Craftsman garage door opener remote, many other accessories are included in the Craftsman package.

The Craftsman chain-drive models and belt-drive models both come with safety sensors, manual, one wireless keyless entry pad, motion detecting multi-function wall console, two three-function security remote, and power unit with two light lenses.  For some brands, you need to buy these as separate accessories. 

Here are some Craftsman garage door openers accessories that have been garnering so much positive reviews: first, the Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Opener Smartphone Control Kit.  This could upgrade your existing Craftsman garage door opener so that you are able to monitor and control your garage door with the AssureLink connectivity.  You can download the AssureLink app for both iOs and Android users.  It could also be used as a web interface.  What it does is it connects the internet router so that there is communication between the garage door opener and the smartphone or web interface. It can also send alerts to your phone anytime, anywhere.  This assures the homeowner of the highest level of safety.  Secondly, there’s the Craftsman garage door opener connectivity hub which connects to the internet via your home router.

After installation, you need to take care of Craftsman garage door opener parts Houston so that it will work efficiently and the entire opener will be useful for years to come.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Services

The longevity and durability of Craftsman garage door openers, and any other brand for that matter, not only depends on the superiority of the brand.  There is no doubt in our minds that the Craftsman brand is superior in every way.  However, even the best brands need preventive maintenance and repairs in the long run.

One way of making sure that our garage door openers will be operating efficiently for a long time is to have periodic check and tests to make sure that all Craftsman garage door opener parts are all working properly.

After you make the call and set-up an appointment, our M.G.A Garage Door Repair Houston TX technicians, who are all licensed professionals, will arrive at your doorstep at a time that is most convenient to you.

Not only are technicians able to do maintenance checks and repairs on any brand, but they are also capable of doing efficient and high-quality installation services.  They can install both the garage door opener and all its accessories.  Their service is thorough, even cleaning up the site and providing the homeowner invaluable advice on how to troubleshoot and do simple maintenance checks on their new garage door opener.  Our staff can also give the homeowners an entire walk through on how to operate the entire system.  Our support technicians are also on hand to lend assistance or support anytime you need them.  We are open 24 hours a day, every single day. The service that M.G.A. gives is top-notch, that’s why they have a reputation of being the best garage door installation and services company in the Houston area.

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